In times of significant change and innovation, consultancy services are an essential part of managing all companies, so our aim is to provide smart consultancy that fully reflects individual needs.

Strategic company management

Advising companies on strategic decisions that impact business for years to come

… strategy, financing, management support, M&A advisory, investments, transformation plans, change management, strategic projects, real estate …

Operational corporate management

Helping to meet short-term goals and increase management efficiency

… process optimization, cost analysis, efficiency improvement, asset structure optimization, financial controlling, personnel audit, internal documents …

Consulting in energy industry

Supporting the energy industry with multidisciplinary knowledge

… analysis of energy sectors, EU regulations, assessment of project bankability, M&A advisory services in acquisition or sale …

Financial planning and transaction consulting

Expert advice for financial management and structuring of the company

… project bankability, plan assessment, financial models, restructuring, holding structure, feasibility, public private partnership …

Managing family/company assets / succession

We help eliminate business risks, protect assets and set up an appropriate asset structure

… management model, family assets, individual requirements, family asset structure, involvement of the next generation, holding, trust, foundation, inheritance agreement …

Management of cities and municipal corporations

We support cities and regions in areas that cannot be easily covered on their own

… holding structures of municipal organizations, optimization, financial stability of the cities, restructuring, investment and feasibility …

Sustainability of companies

Expert advice and implementation of ESG principles for companies

… low-carbon transition plan, data collection and analysis of carbon footprint ("CO2 footprint"), non-financial reporting ("NFRD/CSRD"), obtaining sustainable financing ("Green Bonds/Green Loans"), implementation of ESG principles …


ČSOB Advisory has a compact team of experts with extensive experience in many areas of business – ranging from family businesses, energy, infrastructure and public sector to the current topic of sustainability

Family Businesses

Family businesses are an important sector in the Czech business sphere. More than 30 years have passed since the liberalization of business in the Czech Republic and the founders – the current owners – are dealing with the way and form of future management of their family businesses. They consider passing it on to descendants, relatives or friends, settling the relation with other co-owners, managing it through strong management (key managers), or selling it.

For these companies, ČSOB Advisory primarily offers consulting services in the area of: setting up a suitable form of family/firm asset management according to individual client requirements and creating a suitable structure for future business (holding arrangement, restructuring of companies or equity stakes , assistance in the settlement with owners, assistance in setting up trust or foundation funds, assistance in settling inheritance proceedings in relation to ensuring business continuity) and other services related to this issue, such as support in the implementation of strategic projects and investments, creation of a strategic financial plan / model, proposal of project financing, financial controlling and reporting, etc.

Energy Sector and Infrastructure

Energy sector and infrastructure is undergoing unprecedented change. The coexistence of the so-called “new energy” (increasing share of renewable sources, decentralization, smart solutions) with conventional energy is a reality and their interaction and the impact on the related infrastructure will determine their development in the coming years.

ČSOB Advisory offers services in the areas of energy, water, transport and other infrastructure focused on: support in the implementation of strategic projects and investments, cost analysis and efficiency improvement, analysis of the bankability of business plans, feasibility studies, analysis of upcoming investments and their bankability, consulting in the energy sector, M&A advisory in acquisitions and sales of businesses in cooperation with partners from the ČSOB Group.

Public Sector

State and local government, with the primary objective of providing a public service to citizens, must operate efficiently, within a set budget, and must also ensure sustainable development.

For this sector we provide the following services: analysis of the financial stability of the municipality, analysis of the internal creditworthiness, assessment of financing and sustainability of strategic / investment projects, economic and financial advisory services in the field of energy and other infrastructures, restructuring of municipal companies (including the design of holding structures or optimisation of the ownership structure), monitoring of economic and operational performance.

Sustainability of Companies

Sustainability is a trend that is gaining importance in today's world and is making its way into all areas of business. It is also sometimes described by the acronym ESG (Environmental = the area examining the impact on the environment, Social = the area related to the people associated with the company, and Governance = the area dealing with the behaviour of management towards shareholders and the way the company is run). ESG aspects are becoming increasingly important for business owners and managers, their business partners and customers, and last but not least for financial institutions.

ČSOB Advisory, as a member of the ČSOB Group, is well aware of these requirements that affect and will affect companies in the area of sustainability, especially those arising from legislative obligations.

Consulting services in this segment include in particular: advice on the implementation of ESG principles, advice on obtaining sustainable financing ("Green Bonds / Green Loans"), preparation of plans for the transition to a low-emission economy, preparation of non-financial reporting ("NFRD/CSRD"), data collection and analysis of the carbon footprint ("CO2 footprint").


For more than 10 years of our operation we have dozens of satisfied clients.

  • 4EVER
  • Aspironix
  • Bonavita
  • Bučovice Tools
  • CCA Group
  • CTP Invest
  • CzechFibre
  • Czech University of Agriculture
  • De-Metal
  • Demoautoplast
  • Diamo
  • Dr. Popov
  • East Bohemian Airport – Pardubice Airport
  • Epic
  • Euroseal
  • Explast
  • F.67 FERRIT
  • Františkolázeňská výtopna
  • Frigoexim
  • Gatema
  • The Capital City of Prague
  • Holzindustrie Chanovice
  • HP Invest
  • Chronicare Group
  • Chvalis
  • PRO.MED.CS Prague
  • ProFund
  • Purtex
  • Rádl
  • SC Metal
  • SG-VET
  • Silesian University, Opava
  • Správa železniční dopravní cesty (Railway Infrastructure Administration)
  • Statutory City of Brno
  • Statutory City of Havířov
  • Statutory City of Kladno
  • Statutory City of Liberec
  • Statutory City of Plzeň
  • Tecnocap
  • Telesys
  • Thermal Pasohlávky
  • Didot Print-Shop
  • TKP Geo
  • Triola
  • UA Store Plus
  • Universal-PLUS
  • Jan Evangelista Purkyně University, Ústí nad Labem
  • Brno Trade Fairs
  • VM Footwear
  • Vodovody a kanalizace Hradec Králové (Water and Sewage Management Company of Hradec Králové)
  • Vodovody a kanalizace Pardubice (Water and Sewage Management Entity of Pardubice)
  • Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice v Praze (General University Hospital in Prague)
  • Brno University of Technology
  • Výstaviště Praha (Exhibition Grounds Prague)
  • Witte Nejdek
  • The University of West Bohemia in Pilsen

Our Team

Our team of outstanding professionals with years of experience prepares solutions for you.

Štěpán Černohorský

Štěpán Černohorský
Executive Director

+420 224 115 226

Štěpán Černohorský has managed a number of projects in the gas, food, transport, engineering and real estate industries. Currently, he focuses mainly on strategic corporate governance, including corporate governance and corporate restructuring and family asset management. Prior to joining ČSOB Advisory, he was a Senior Corporate Banker and Deputy Branch Manager of the ČSOB parent company. During his career he had worked in various positions at HSBC Bank and in the private sector in the energy industry.

Miroslav Jop

Miroslav Jop
Senior Manager

+420 224 115 225

Miroslav Jop has experience in the field of finance, especially in projects focused on project financing, financial management and financial modelling. He has led a number of projects aimed at optimizing corporate finance and investments, both for public sector organizations and private companies. Thanks to his previous work at Deloitte and Central Europe Trust, he has also gained experience in preparing corporate strategies and setting up processes in the are of operational management.

Alois Míka

Alois Míka
Senior Energy Expert

+420 224 115 225

Alois Míka has extensive experience in the energy sector and has led a number of projects in the nuclear power, electricity, gas and oil processing industries. He served as CEO of EPIC a.s. He was a member of the statutory bodies of a number of companies (e.g. Jihomoravská plynárenská a.s., Jihočeská plynárenská a.s., Západočeská energetika a.s., Severočeské doly a.s.). He is now a Senior Energy Expert at ČSOB Advisory.

Olga Sinkulová

Olga Sinkulová
Senior Project Manager

+420 603 177 396

Olga Sinkulová focuses on optimizing processes and organizations and improving management efficiency. During her work experience at Severočeské teplárny and at Deloitte and Grant Thornton Advisory, she managed or participated in projects in commercial companies (especially in the mining, energy and automotive sectors), as well as in companies in the public sector, such as ministries, municipalities or organisations managed by them.

Michal Švarc

Michal Švarc
Senior Project Manager

+420 733 590 155

Pavla Vidanová

Pavla Vidanová
Sustainability Manager

+420 739 539 444

Lada Krupičková

Lada Krupičková
Sustainability Manager

+420 731 423 939

At ČSOB Advisory, Lada Krupičková focuses on sustainability, responsible lending and the ESG approach, which she sees as the key topics of today for banks, investors and companies. She gained experience in relationship banking – in traditional and structured credit transactions across sectors – at the ČSOB parent company and at ING BANK N.V.

Lukáš Flídr

Lukáš Flídr
Sustainability Manager

+420 736 176 155

At ČSOB Advisory, Lukáš Flídr focuses on a wide range of projects in the area of sustainability, in which he has been working throughout his professional life. First at the Ministry of the Environment, where he worked on environmental impact assessment (EIA) and later on clean mobility at the national and international level. He also worked at ŠKODA AUTO a.s., where he was responsible for legislation in the Czech Republic and the EU relating to e-mobility, car emissions and new ”green” issues.

Martin Čáslavka

Martin Čáslavka
Sustainability Manager

+420 702 212 236

Petr Šrutka

Petr Šrutka
Energy Expert

+420 734 542 725

Dagmar Kociánová

Dagmar Kociánová

+420 739 568 043

Dagmar Kociánová focuses on consulting in the field of economics, financial analysis and project financing at ČSOB Advisory. During her internship at UniCredit Bank and ČSOB, she was engaged in consulting and project financing for both international and domestic clients, especially in the field of renewable energy, waste management, agriculture and industrial production.

Pavla Hladíková

Pavla Hladíková

+420 737 218 063

Pavla Hladíková has experience in both private and public sector financing, primarily in the area of project, real estate and acquisition financing, structuring transactions and proposing financing conditions. At ČSOB Advisory she focuses mainly on economic and financial areas of projects, investment evaluation and analysis of financing sources. She gained her experience in the Corporate Segment of ČSOB, where she led a team of credit specialists.

Jakub Venclík

Jakub Venclík

+420 739 670 191


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